Internet Strategies

Inspire them to act - Every web site strategy should result in a "call to action," should impel visitors to explore further, call for more information, buy a product or service, or come into a store. But that requires a strategic focus to guide your web site's visual personality, content, and point of view. Before you can inspire web site visitors to act, you need to be absolutely sure of what you’d like them to do - from the minute they land on your home page through each stage of their exploration. 

Make them feel it’s their decision - At the same time, web site visitors need to feel in control, as if they're making their own decisions about the next course of action. In an environment where so many alternatives are a mouse click away, pressure to buy or call or register or subscribe can send potential customers running to the competition.


The other side of email - Many companies without intranets struggle to find ways to help their departments and divisions communicate and collaborate effectively. Email is typically the tool of choice, but it is not the always best way for a group of people to conduct an ongoing discussion about an interdepartmental issue or project.

Emails get copied to multiple people, flood inboxes, hamper systematic review prior to discussion, and bury action items in email chains. Imagine the hours your employees spend thumbing through messages and scrolling through multiple replies to follow the discussion and understand assignments

Email is not designed to meet the collaboration needs of business. For this reason, many companies depend on intranets--internal web sites that can accommodate collaborative processes by providing timely access to project resources, allow individuals to communicate effectively, and distribute important documents to everyone who needs them.

Brand Awareness

Even top-performing businesses don’t always make the most of the Internet, an indispensable tool for brand awareness, employee productivity, product and service sales, and far-reaching promotions.

We streamline business operations through the use of web-based applications. Every application we build is backed by creative thought, business alignment, and performance power, ensuring measurable business results.

Content Management

Manage content from the inside - It's one thing to get your web site up and running; it's another to be able to update content and graphics on a regular basis as your business evolves. There's no reason why it can't be done in-house through a simple software interface. In fact the best content management systems never have to call on IT staff or web development experts.

Search Engine Optimization

Would you give your business an unlisted phone number? Would you put sign in the back the store? Of course you wouldn't. Unfortunately, that's what many businesses do with their web site. Our certified consultants improve the findability of your web site so that it finally becomes the marketing tool you thought it would be.